Week 2, Day 5

C. The three functions of the spirit:

  1. Intuition—the anointing, the direct sense of the Spirit in our spirit regardless of reason, circumstances or background – 1 John 2:20, 27.

1 John 2:20 And you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know.

1 John 2:27 And as for you, the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you have no need that anyone teach you; but as His anointing teaches you concerning all things and is true and is not a lie, and even as it has taught you, abide in Him.

Read over the outline points and verses above and use these for your prayer to spend time with the Lord in the Word in the morning. After your prayer time, jot down in your notebook one or two things that the Lord touched you with.

Later, watch the following short video podcast sometime during the day.